Регина Спектор

“It’s like, you can’t divide yourself up.”

(Despite the interviewer annoying me) this is a really good interview with an awesome translation —

— so I’m going to post it.

Even if you are unaware of who Regina Spektor/Регина Спектор is, this interview seems so important right now. So much of what she talked about in 2012 will grab you in this moment.

“of course, yesterday, it was really emotional, because I played the concert, but I felt like I was… I felt like I needed to keep my emotions under control, but when I got out on stage I just started crying. Because it was very fantastic, but also strange, because I had a feeling that I couldn’t feel in any other city.”

(Interviewer): Right, because it’s your hometown, which you haven’t visited for a very long time.

Yeah, and because when I was young I prepared myself for…

(Interviewer): You prepared yourself for concerts at Crocus City Hall? No?

“No, I prepared myself for the reality that we would never be able to return.










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