So, I cut this Peabody Award ceremony clip up to scraps to tease, but not spoil… yes, SERIAL

(It’s a good teaser. Promise.)

When listening to SERIAL… it will be hard enough not to fall into the entire world of spoiler land mines out there, but it will get more and more difficult as you get further in, as you naturally want to look at — at the very least — pictures of the characters.

One major upside of SERIAL are the countless spinoffs, updates, and all the almost countless places where you can dive into the endless, ever-continuing continuations of Adnan’s case and the characters in the podcast. (WARNING: DO NOT CLICK ON THOSE LINKS.) But the downside is that all that Adnan stuff saturating the internet makes even the most basic SERIAL Google search a dangerous proposition.

I try to help where I can. 😝

Not at all necessary, but added for the fuck of it…

The rest of the (also very cut up) VF SERIAL video

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