The Deal With Jay… a little more audio to intrigue and confuse…

…or possibly un-confuse?

I don’t know if Sarah mentions [in Serial] that Jay was arrested on January 26th or not, but he was. For disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and that case was very much open when Hae’s body was found. Jay is so easily bullied into saying whatever the detectives want him to say, though, that they easily get him on tape confessing to much worse. Capitol offenses. At that point, I think it’s fair to say the detectives can get Jay to say anything they want him to say. And in my opinion, that’s exactly what he does.

I mean, it kind of explains everything, doesn’t it?

Anyway… Jay—

The Deal With Jay

Some *totally optional* helpful docs:

  1. My timeline of the investigation from my own notes. (Yes, I’m aware I’m a dork.) Doesn’t include everything but has the main dates (with a few details not mentioned in Serial, but the main dates – Hae missing/her body found/Adnan arrested – are bold and stand out so you can see them easily without seeing the weedsy stuff if you want to avoid it.)
  2. “Cell Phone Chronology/Jay’s Chronology” from the case file. This was prepared, supposedly for the police, in preparation for his “interrogation.” They say it was to “check his story,” but let’s just say I’m suspicious.
    • Susan Simpson, who wrote a hilarious post about Jay’s transcripts back when Serial was still ongoing, more recently made some slides comparing the transcripts and that particular police document. ⇩︎
One of the slides Susan Simpson made comparing “Jay’s Chronology” and his interview transcripts

Wow. Okay. I think I’m finished with this. 😅 I just put the extra docs in case. It’s my nature to over-document… in case. I’m a footnoter by nature and nurture. The main thing is the video of the clips from Jay’s interviews.

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