ABOUT me… and about this website

Weapon of choice: PENCIL

I succumbed. Cash App: $mythSERENE

✿︎ Pencil Packing Mama ✿︎ Writer ✿︎ Distracted lefty ✿︎ Artist ✿︎ Vegan ✿︎ Ninja Word Warrior ✿︎ Sometime badass ✿︎ Journal Filler-Upper ✿︎ “Mirror-script” writer ✿ lover of my totally awesome children

The Poet Possessed: love obsessed, strategy prepped; a creative commons of beautiful unrest.

__ the revolution will not be © __

Squirrel Charmer 🐿

Violinist 🎻

Τερψιχόρη 🤸🏼‍♀️

And about this website

(getting cleaned up, check back soon)

“and what if she eats clouds and drinks wind?”

🔥 If you can take the heat, head for Hell’s Kitchen 🔥


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