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YOU LIE (CC-Banksy)

This is what the top post says. It’s messy and not well written, like this, but it is contemporaneous. A Google timestamp is a pretty reliable thing.



Dear MHA & the rest of you who prey on the weak,
Let me be clear:

What I am talking about is abuse of the most grotesque kind. Abuse of the most vulnerable amongst us. Disgraceful financial, emotional and mental abuse.


And you steal from taxpayers to commit it.

On June 10th, we sat in that room, my voice recorder between us, recording light on, as I pulled out proof after proof after proof of not only this systematic abuse, but also systemic gross incompetency on a grand scale.

Dates, times, emails, texts, phone records, my real medical records, your forged medical records, photographs, receipts, and a recorded interview with one of your ex and current employees, as well as my actual landlord neutrally and honestly answering just a few questions.

And I said what I cared about was the truth. I said what I cared about was your other victims. I said that I was now standing up because I have spent the last year terrorized by you, and that I know I’m the damn lucky one. Because if I am scared, how terrified must everyone else you’re abusing be?

Just how terrified are your other victims?

I just wanted to fix it. You scare me. Truly.

I was left on that stairwell with a cruel joke at my partial paralysis suffered at the hands of domestic violence, a threat from you, and the start of my mission just over a year ago.

And I have used that year. I have used that year meeting those victims, researching law, reading financial statements, training material, and just listening to people.

Names, dates, times, texts, phone records, pictures, medical records, Social Security records, recorded interviews…

#MHA #CBFS #Massachusetts


(Off the top, answer to 1st question: WRONG! Outright lie. No hesitancy in the answer, and followed up by a double down; “I know we have a lease on file.” NO.)

No, you don’t have a key, and I didn’t understand the “did something happen?” question. Yes, you guys coming into my place when I’m gone, and all the falsified IAP’s, stealing the Walmart money, leaving me here with nothing, making fun of me for a paralyzation that led to me being in this situation, “evicting me” then saying you didn’t, and threatening me: “nothing happened” meaning I didn’t do anything to cause you guys to break into my place. That was where I still was in my mind. I was terrified

I love the internet.

What better proof is there than freaking Google for a time stamp?

That’s funny, I know. Clowns and bullies don’t need records!

You make Universal Health look honest.
(I am on record saying last June that I did NOT want this to go this way, but instead wanted to FIX it. I am on the record, in the recert, in the room with JN — and J-CHD —— and B. —  saying that the last thing I wanted was a lawsuit.)

So you went after me.

Good job.

I still had lots of goodwill and just wanted to be a part of making things better. I, above, a year ago, stated that I didn’t believe anyone in that room had “bad faith,” but you have finally disabused me of that notion. I have lost all pity or concern for you.

I have lived in many different states, and I can tell you that one constant, the one thing that a redneck, NRA member from Texas and an ACLU attorney in Massachusetts will always agree on is when the agency that is supposed to be protecting children turns out to not to be.

We are not children, and you are not just not helping us. CBFS has shaken out enough for the outlines of the problems and the possible solutions be very ripe. 

There are very good people at MHA. But I hear the same thing over and over again: “the good ones never last there.”

Do you realize how the rest of the mental health community sees you? I wonder, now, if I should have taken up the offer to just change to a different sub-contractor. I felt like if I left, had some separation, that it would be too easy to forget all the others who can’t escape. Because that was always what it was about, just like I’ve said all along. My tune doesn’t change.

That was probably pretty dumb. I’m meeting with that person again this week, anyway.

And the fact that there’s a stack of other eviction notices with you as plaintiff, and seeing the sausage made with Ms. Lookatmelookatmelookatme as bad cop would definitely have escaped my notice. You do still have the ability to surprise me.

Seeing the housing court process “in action” just gives me a ton of new concerns.

I cannot look at this all alone. It’s way too much.

There are a ton of laws about the process that a