MHA – Official Vulture of MA’s Mentally Ill


This is a great Massachusetts False Claims Act case.

Argued in front of the Supreme Court just April 19 of last year!

Decided a year ago.

Universal Health Services, Inc. v. Escobar?

Ringing any bells?


And you guys make those crooks look like saints crossed with social workers trained as accountants.

If you just want to skip to the money shot, here’s ¡¡Justice Thomas!! reading the



(RESPONDENT: United States and Massachusetts, ex rel. Escobar and Correa)

It’s very succinct; like Cliff’s Notes for Mental Healthcare Fraud.

It summarizes everything you need to know.

Justice Thomas is actually quite a good writer.

(And apparently he can actually speak, as well. Who knew?)

And for your listening enjoyment, after a long wait, here’s where I turned on the tape recorder at the recert after asking  J.N., again, for the Walmart receipt that was promised. Those taped are not identified by name in the recording and agreed to it being recorded. I had just played for them a tape of a statement by an employee from the apartment with knowledge of your unlawful actions, simply telling what she knew. As succinctly and powerfully as Justice Thomas.

(That, I will not post publicly as she is innocent, but I will certainly provide you with a copy.)

(Off the top, answer to 1st question: ¡WRONG! Outright lie. No hesitancy in the answer, and followed up by a double down; “I know we have a lease on file.”


  • No, you didn’t have a lease on file.
  • No, you don’t have a key,
  • And yes, something happened. You got caught sneaking into my apartment when I was gone.

 I misunderstood the “did something happen?” question.

  • Yes, you guys coming into my place when I’m gone, and all the falsified IAP’s, stealing the Walmart money, leaving me here with nothing, making fun of me for a paralyzation that led to me being in this situation, “evicting me” then saying you didn’t, sharing my mental healthcare records with staff at my apartment complex, trying to take my money, “accounts” that only showed me paying once – which Leah and I rectified after many tries – only to have those same debts find their way back onto the books. Add in not doing a single thing you were contracted to do and somehow still managing to do that badly…

Not knowing what apartment – or even block – I lived on. Not knowing how to spell my name. Leaving me for dead only to lie to cover your asses with completely falsified records, then “evicting” me again. So of course, that meant you had to falsify two IAP’s to cover months where you didn’t lay eyes on me or speak to me, backdated IAP’s that were comically (not to mention provably transparent in their complete lack of any attachment to reality…

So I was answering that “nothing happened” to give you cause or the right to sneak into my place while I was gone, which is probably why you denied it until I had proof.  I didn’t do anything to cause you guys to break into my place. That was where I still was in my mind. I was terrified.

From just this snip you can get the slightest idea of the sort of records I keep. The SLIGHTEST.

I’m more terrified now. This is like stripping down naked for the world and when you guys finally see my records, you will understand why my privacy means so much.

Incompetence or intent: either way,


I would never start here, but if I spend anymore time trying to find a place to start in this mess I’ll drown.

One of my favorite people in the world, a mental health professional of long standing in this community who cares deeply and shows it all the time, misquoted a Twain quote in list of quotes I have kept despite being surrounded by hundreds of pages of bullshit, covered with sticky notes, in dozens of folders, weeded through time and time again, and drastically weeded out, because it is so good.

(And as a Mark Twain maniac by birth and by nature, to say that a misquote of Twain is anything but the purest of evil, is stunning; but we all thought the misquote, which was slight, improved it. Thank you, John, for being one of the good ones.)

“The secret to getting started is getting started.”

And so I shall.

(I knew I hung onto that paper for a reason. I sure didn’t need it to remember that quote, but I suspect that seeing it over and over and over again, and not throwing it away because of the odd inside joke it became between our group – you know who you are, any names past that the ever-generic “John” will take away the anonymity you all have most certainly earned – but that paper, that physical manifestation, just this moment made me okay. Well, okay is a really broad term and not true, but at least not paralyzed. And that, I can work with.)

A really bad start, to be sure, but now I must just start posting.

Comment from today says:

[begin google+ snip]

Nice. I needed this.

I love the internet.

What better proof is there than freaking Google for a time stamp?


That’s funny, I know. Clowns and bullies don’t need records!

I don’t think so.

Hey, you like podcasts or NPR? You’ll love this oral argument in front of the Supreme Court! You know it, or should. I mean, if you don’t, that’s really, really sad. You’re even worse at your “jobs” than anyone, even me, could imagine. And adding ME in there, the human incarnation of The Eye of Your Storm – that’s saying something.

This is a great Massachusetts case. Argued April 19 of last year!

Universal Health Services, Inc. v. Escobar?

Ringing any bells?


You guys make them look like Saints combined with accountants.

Here’s the page with all the little summaries and links and the AWESOME oral arguments.

You don’t have to be a lawyer to enjoy this one. It’s fully engaging.

And I would think, given the force of the decision just last JUNE, in a case right here in Massachusetts, one that – again – makes just my situation alone, before we even comb your “records” for real, take statements, look mild.

(I would say “take depositions,” but I don’t see how this gets anywhere close to that, at least not on the merits. In the investigation, maybe, because you are about to cost CHD and your little group a whole lot of money; but for my purposes, and you losing your contracts, it’s never going to get that far.

(By the way, I am on record saying last June that I did NOT want this to go this way, but instead wanted to FIX it. I am on the record, in the recert, in the room with JN — and J-CHD —— and B. —  saying that the last thing I wanted was a lawsuit.

So you went after me.

Good job.

I still had lots of goodwill and just wanted to be a part of making things better. I, above, 42 weeks ago, stated that I didn’t believe anyone in that room had “bad faith,” but you ever-so quickly disabused me of that notion.

Oh, here’s your link.

You might want to listen to it. I think it will be worth your while.

I’ve been muzzled for months.



Oh, yes indeed. It is true: Justice Thomas actually wrote and READ the UNANIMOUS opinion from the bench, which is indeed remarkable. There is NO wiggle room here. The evidence I had at the last recert; you guys have eagerly and unfathomably added to. And the evidence back then, alone, was beyond damning.

The deep disregard for human rights and the law you, as a body and with such deliberate intent, so blatantly flaunt leaves me no room for pity or concern for you any more. My only concern is for your victims. This is what you call a SCANDAL.

Have a nice weekend.

Then there is the Google media link to this case: Universal Health Services, Inc. v. Escobar

    (which looks like this – but the link is above, this is not the link)

google snip of link to Universal Health Services on Oyez

[end google+ snip]

So, again, this is in the most random order imaginable. I would never start here except that it is where I ended up first engaging today and it is where I buried everything until I got this website. It’s all just been sitting there. Dormant and ignored. Just like I wanted.

I will re-organize later.

Not that I expect a lot of traffic. Although, in this case, for all the wrong reasons, that might not be true. But it is not traffic that I welcome and certainly not traffic from friends. But when I paid for this site with money I did not have, I did it because I had attempted every other conceivable free way to ensure a record of all the various media I possess from this nightmare. Audio has been, perhaps, the critical link in all this; or at least it was, MHA has added a lot of paper since last June so it’s hard to say the critical link, but it most certainly is critical and it also became the biggest hurdle to climb; paying for this website was the last in several costly but unavoidable steps to ensure that no matter what happens to me this record could be fully preserved. But now I find myself explaining myself to them, again. I know better than that.

It’s their turn to explain.

I’m just sticking shit up, now.

And YES there are going to be a lot of words that can’t find a way to even make one real sentence and more parenthesis without partners than you can shake a stick at. And it will still make more sense than anything from the “professionals.”

mental health in ma - i didnt want this

J.N., maybe you’re right and it is awful that former, and at times current employees have expressed a desire that you lose your contract, but you will soon see that there is no malice in those hopes. The opposite is true. And there are good people there, no doubt. It’s a hard job.

But I wouldn’t trust you – as an organization – to babysit my plants.

And it scares the hell out of me that you hold the lives of so many vulnerable souls in your hands.