Mueller Time • True Crime: Thoughts and Docs version

Doc links and, as we go, thoughts on those docs & the case in general.


The Steele Dossier

We’re suddenly getting an idea of what lies behind the curtain; and it’s vast.

Either way, in the past two days, the curtain has been raised on a whole lot and the puzzle now actually looks like something other than a lot of scattered pieces.

In short, it’s time to start paying attention.

I hope to soon have the documents broken down more thoroughly into user-friendly parts with easily seen images of tables and narratives extracted so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

What I would most like to do, now that I’ve had more time to review the filings, is to begin releasing the narrative portions in audio form alongside the relevant tables and non-narrative parts.

I kept wishing someone would transfer them to audio, but as no one is obliging that wish, it appears I’ll have to do it myself.

*I muse a moment on Gates’ plea here. Below my musings begins links to Mueller sites & case docs


Secret Agent Man

  1. Has Rick Gates been wearing a wire since at least February 2nd?

His plea agreement states:

“The defendant agrees to… participate in undercover activities pursuant to the specific instructions of law enforcement agents…”


“The defendant agrees not to reveal his cooperation, or any information derived therefrom, to any third party without prior consent of the Office.”

And so the question becomes, what use is a Secret Agent Man who’s not a secret?

Once you announce it, it’s kind of worthless.

That’s, like, Blowing Cover 101.

So the only other option, as far as I can tell, is that Richard Gates, III has been “participating in undercover activities.”

Past tense.

The lie to the F.B.I. that Gates pled guilty to occurred on February 1st. And any agreement “not to reveal his cooperation, or any information derived therefrom,” seems fairly useless at the time it’s being revealed to the world.

*Given, the part about not revealing the information “derived therefrom,” is relevant in the present, but it’s pretty difficult to be an effective undercover agent once everyone knows you’re officially an undercover agent, so that only seems relevant for undercover activities that have already taken place.


I’ll keep adding and filling out over the course of this unfolding Tom Clancy novel crossed with the freakiest True Crime mystery our country has ever seen. But it’s still just hours since the last of the filings were piled atop me in these two incredible days.

Rome wasn’t built in a day (Or something.)

Office of the Special Counsel: Main PageU.S. Department of Justice: Special Counsel’s Office

Gates plea agreement FEBRUARY 23, 2018Gates plea FEBRUARY 23, 2018

MANAFORT: Superseding Indictment (3) of FEB 23, 2018

FEBRUARY 23, 2018: Manafort • Superseding Indictment in D.C., post-Gates Plea

GATES: Superseding Criminal Information – Filed FEB 02, 2018/Unsealed FEB 23, 2018 alongside plea agreement

Unsealed FEBRUARY 23, 2018 with Gates’ plea • Gates Superseding Indictment

GATES: Statement of the Offense – FEB 23, 2018 – filed with Plea Agreement

MANAFORT/GATES: 32 COUNTS • Superseding Indictment • FEB 22

ALEX VAN DER ZWAANCriminal Information FEBRUARY 16, 2018

ALEX VAN DER SWAAN Criminal Information

ALEX VAN DER ZWAAN • Plea Agreement

VAN DER ZWAAN Statement of the Offense

VAN DER SWAAN Statement of the Offense

“13 RUSSIANS” • Indictment