Ten years ago I died. Today, I live.

“Shock and Awe – Achieving Rapid Dominance”

Scribd and military PowerPoint docs are two great tastes that taste great together. The Reese’s candy of mutating military obsessions and a pay-to-play document digester.

Here’s the Scribd link  and below this (↓) snip from the cover is a non-Scribd PDF version that I think I managed to trick into opening in the browser. Hopefully.

Shock and Awe_Nat-Def_Inst_for_stategic_Studies_whitepaper_cover_snip

Snip of title page for PDF that essentially says, “hey, you know all those promises we made when the wall came down? We should totally use the fact that we’ve gained the trust of much of the world by promises of freedom and democracy, let’s abuse that trust by using the time to build a force that will occupy the world.” And the [war]lord[s] saw that it was good.

↓↓ PDF ↓↓

SHOCK AND AWE – Achieving Rapid Dominance

↑↑↑  weak link😉to PDF – ↑↑↑

because WordPress is allergic to embedding almost anything beyond bad puns.


SHOCK AND AWE: snip from Prologue






BE_YOUR_OWN_HEROInstead of wanting to disappear and disappear and disappear, I want to appear, and appear, and appear; to take up all the space, all the oxygen, all the room, and all the righteousness that I have turned over to any other human being, alley-cat, tailgating car, or man who endlessly professes his dying love to me. I will take up the room I was denied.

Yes, and I will take up more than that.

With each breath I take I will be alive, and beyond ignoring, or dismissing; and you will gasp for breath as you try to breathe in the air that I’ve already turned into CO2.

Gotta stick this back up top again for a friend >> RANDOM AUDIO: I blew up the weed

Random Replay: I blew up the weed*


*The unidentifiable sounds I make at first remind me of my Aunt Mary – my favorite aunt and the best aunt in the world – who didn’t curse. She, instead, made up her own cuss words where the more vulgar, such as my father or myself, might naturally curse. Since I lived 2 doors down from her for so many years, I apparently picked this up. 

Only instead of using the technique to replace cuss words, I seem to have greedily added it to my already extensive storehouse of vulgar verbiage.