Support the work

Right now producing a transcript can take 5 -6 hours. A foot pedal would be a game changer. With a transcription foot pedal I would happily be putting up at least two, and very possibly three times as many transcripts.

As far as YouTube, a microphone would greatly change my production abilities. (I know those two streams rarely meet, and it may be dangerous to even let them flirt, but I occasionally get some hits from there, so I might as well add it.)

Working to get Ducks in on this, too. If you’re on Reddit help convince her. On transcripts she does alone the support would be hers alone. And PayPal allows a split of funds for transcripts we do together. (Splitting the work worked really well.)

The point is that when I first covered a trial online, day after day, all day, people started asking if I had a Venmo or CashApp, but I thought that was tacky.

Yet what I was doing day after day was very hard work and people appreciated that. Finally a very smart friend of mine said it in a way that I could finally hear it:

“You deserve to be paid for your work.”

She was right. I do. And so do you. So does everyone.

So, if you value something we do and want to support it, then please do.