How did this beautiful bit of Beatles history get lost? (with audio)

George sings “I Me Mine” to Paul after a beautiful Beatles bonding moment.
“You want boots of those?”
“I’ve got boots of them.”
“You know where you can get ’em?”
“Yeah, you get ’em off me… I’ll give you ’em. I never wear ’em.”
“You wanna hear a song I wrote?”

Bill Sargent | | The Guardian

Many of his ideas were of a technical nature, and he registered 400 patents of electric and electronic gadgetry – earning himself a reputation among technicians for being more an inventor than a showman. He was also a shrewd pioneer of such innovations as pay-per-view television, and his film Richard Pryor: Live In Concert (1979), which he cannily labelled “uncensored,” was the highest money-maker of its kind ever. It remains the standard today. 

Dad – Artfully Annoying – People Magazine: April 5, 1976

“He smokes Kools instead of stogies, but in every other flamboyant excess, Bill Sargent is the Don King of the showbiz hill…”