On Materialism

…when I unexpectedly bumped into it just now all I could think is: it’s absolutely beautiful.
I have weaved this home together like a bird weaves together her nest, from leftover scraps, unwanted plant parts, hope, and love.

Meet Your Supreme Court Judge: Justice Ginsburg

Justice Ginsburg’s Senate Confirmation hearings were extraordinarily collegial, even for that time in history. Both Democrats and Republicans were awed by the extremely  high ethical bar she set for herself, not only as a jurist in the D.C. Court, but also as an advocate in the years preceding her appointment to the bench. Despite the overflowing praise…

amazing women

  strength beauty integrity intelligence compassion goodness honesty transparency nurturing  

This is What BEAUTY Looks Like

This is what beauty looks like. This is what unity looks like. One. One. ONE. And congratulations, Hidden Figures. Great speech. Love always wins. Never doubt that. Never doubt that.