Squaring the Circle

Every other week I hear someone use the old line, “you can’t square that circle” and it bugs the fuck out of me. Because you can square a circle. It’s called The Triangle Catch up. Catch up. Ketchup.

tear down the wall

It’s amazingly catchy, once it starts and there’s nothing to interrupt it. One short, simple loop. One short, simple question.

MOOC Mania

  I have become a certified MOOC freak. There are several different platforms for MOOCS – Massive Open Online Courses – such as edX and Coursera, and happily many others are available on YouTube. (Many are available through those platforms as well as on YouTube.) I prefer the edX platform if I use one. I…


Heed to my warning before you move out
And don’t cross your guns with her quick-trigger mouth
She’s the infamous myth of the Indian South
She’s got game-playing, slick talking, dual-barreled lips
Revolver, revolving, dual-barreled hips
She’s the 38-Special of LSD trips

Violin Frankenstein: IT’S ALIVE!

I am now actively using vaporizer parts inside the electric violins – and it is awesome. It’s like a fucking Reeses’ – peanut butter bumping into chocolate. I have no idea why I didn’t think of this on purpose a long time ago. I will report back —