“…train hoppers live a life of laggardly disorientation. They even have their own term for this life: the drift.”

amazing women

  strength beauty integrity intelligence compassion goodness honesty transparency nurturing  


BEWARE: Heed to my warning before you move out and don’t cross your guns with her quick trigger mouth she’s the infamous myth of the Indian South She’s got game playing, slick talking, dual-barreled lips revolving, revolver, lube moistened hips she’s the 38-Special of LSD trips She stays straight locked and loaded and ready to…

Swallowing Pictures

Mother was big on impressing upon my memory just who was the boss. She felt that the memories of most people were not utilized as well as they could be. She said that the memory was like a dog, and wanted to be trained…
“You will remember this Arch forever, because you have impressed it into your mind, my darling Tami. You just took a picture that can never be destroyed, stolen, or lost. You just took a picture that you can take with you wherever you go, forever, and no one can ever take it away from you.”