Let’s Do It This Way (“DON’T” for non-dancers)


A completely unnecessary – but quick version of my first unnecessary “DON’T” dance post.

In looking at this from as close to a 3rd-person Point of View -[POV] – I realized how much this, to a non-dancer, probably seems like something just slightly more impressive than mime; while https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/lp-EO5I60KA“>”Thinking Out Loud,” definitely an amazing dance with awesome choreography actually seems impressive.

So, while I have added about a second of the extra-ish last moments before a non-dancer can see how fucking awesome this is –

(there’s a whole fence part that was really tough for me to cut out but the “wow starts at:)

(Knock!) (Knock!) (Knock!)

“…on my hotel door, I don’t even know if she knows what for…”

part, and non-dancers,

yes, take out The Matrix” parts that will be supplanted with something that is realistic, live, that is an easy blend of the rest of the dance

Still, this shows a quick and fundamental part – although in many ways not the hardest parts of this dance at all, but a good combo of crazy legwork/footwork and the deft, deceptively easy looking minutiae of seemingly slight moves that seem almost all personality and, as I said, sort of “mime,”-

but that combine the best of dance from pre-Elvis (fucking James Brown) through the best dancers of today.

There are also some clearly non-dance moments in this 45 second clip where, again, for non-dancers, there is essentially no dancing at all, but any even shit dancer won’t take that into account at all. It’s very easy to move during those spaces, live. The funny thing is that this is the most “impressive” part of the dance as far as looks go, but the odd thing is that cutting this out for a friend who I realized wouldn’t see all the really difficult parts of this, that despite the awesome, crazy legwork in this, last part of the video, this part is by far the least intimidating part of the dance, so perhaps attempting to look at it through fresh eyes will have a good effect on me, as well.

-(It doesn’t take a dancer to appreciate a greater payoff for a less painful price.)-

No matter how crazy any of the legwork looks it’s not that hard.

No, it is not hard. At all.

Finally tackling the damn “DON’T” dance

Not so fucking easy and with the nerve damage there’s a bunch I have to change up; god, I realize now how deceptively easy it looks, but it is not.

So, yeah, I need some kind of challenge to make me work.

And Beyoncé isn’t doing it anymore and isn’t practical.



(follow up quickie non-dancer aside)

How Serene Gets Distracted (it’s for the best in this case)

Went from James Brown to of course, the rip-off evolutions – Michael Jackson/Elvis Presley down through what is still the now only intimidating dance in my existence,

Ed Sheeran’s official “Don’t” video

and somehow still end up at a video with no dancing in it at all.

Yet I think it’s worth it.

(I still have to go back to dancing. But you don’t. So for me, please enjoy your guiltless, non-dancing video.)

Do you see it?



it’s been there all along


I’ve been there all


all you have to do