I may as well post this quickie Made-for-Tweet vid about the media’s mangling of Natalia Veselnitskaya’s name.

What happens to all the abandoned videos made in 3 minutes for use in a stupid tweet? Unloved, unneeded, they’re thrown away like trash… or recycled onto a blog post to assuage the guilt.

How NOT to redact a document, brought to you by the attorneys for former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort (video tutorial)

Obviously, these cases are all National Security cases and throughout certain things have been redacted if they pertain to a part of the investigation which is still ongoing. You might think by now that Manafort’s attorneys would have figured out how to redact a court filing, or that, considering the considerable jeopardy facing their client, they might at least consult Google on the subject.
But you would be wrong.