Entertainment for Armageddon: Trump’s racist NFL bullshit inspires Stephen Colbert’s greatest monologue

like Stephen as Stephen, but until now, I didn’t love him like I did on Colbert Report, but in this monologue he makes up all that lost ground, and more in the most succinct, pointed, funny, and patriotic commentary I’ve seen thus far on Trump’s despicable, ignorant, racist, NFL/National Anthem bullshit.

Angela Davis is my new hero


I just watched Ava DuVernay’s (Selma) extraordinary documentary, The 13th on Netflix and I highly recommend it. For me, other than just being a great movie, being “introduced” to Angela Davis was a revelation! How did I not know this woman? She’s incredible.

So immediately after the movie was over I went to Youtube and searched for her and ran straight into her talking about veganism for revolutionaries.

So I’m double down, now.

Here’s Ms. Davis on Veganism:

And here’s a trailer for Ms. DuVernay’s documentary, The 13th.