Thank god for Democracy Now! today

Thank god for @democracynow every day it’s on, but especially today. I really fucking needed it. That is all. Okay, one more thing. This sign rocks. (Hell hath no FURY like a DRAG QUEEN scorned) Now, that is all.

Florida appears to actually have gotten something RIGHT

I am admittedly always a bit terrified when I get any legal updates on any law having anything to do with Florida. Especially when the first sentence of that legal update leads with the words  “…a Florida law adopted by citizen initiative“           Like most  people who care about human rights, my mind goes here: But amazingly enough, this…

I don’t see any way this doesn’t end up in front of SCOTUS

Case Name Sarsour v. Trump IM-VA-0005 Docket / Court 1:17-cv-00120 ( E.D. Va. ) State/Territory Virginia <!—-> Case Type(s) Immigration Special Collection Civil Rights Challenges to Trump Immigration/Refugee Orders Case Summary <!– compress summary –> This class action, filed January 30, 2017, challenges President Trump’s Jan. 27, 2017 Executive Order ban on admission to the…

Mr. President, explain yourself

Right now there are people all over America who were “lucky” enough to get through customs at our airports, in our country  – you know, land of the free and home of the [chickenshit CHEETO–headed buffoon]   brave who know that whoever they left behind in the country they left behind – parents, children, grandmothers grandfathers, aunts, uncles, grandchildren,…

This is What BEAUTY Looks Like

This is what beauty looks like. This is what unity looks like. One. One. ONE. And congratulations, Hidden Figures. Great speech. Love always wins. Never doubt that. Never doubt that.