The journals

The real ones. The backwards ones.
I buried them.
All over.
That’s the secret.
From Yellow Gap Trail in Pisgah National Forest to Abiquiu, New Mexico, I buried my notebooks.

The Call

Ethan ♥ [Tear Down the Wall] –let your memories grow stronger and stronger, till they’re before your eyes– August 29, 2008: “I know you’ll always love me no matter what. It’s not the same with him.”

One of my (secret) Theme Scenes

Like “Extraordinary Machine” is my theme song, I have secretly cherished one, 27 second scene from Braveheart and never ceased to see it and hear it in my mind. For what, now? How long has it been? I can answer that. It has been eleven years and eleven months. My foxholes I no longer dig…