Justice William O. Douglass: trees have standing

  For over a decade, now, I have always, always had a digital voice recorder. I have also always required constant pencil and paper – something I’m never without. The bulk of the space on my Dig Voice Recorders – running on 3A batteries which rocks more than you can know unless you know, is bullshit like this. Verbal journaling…

Nobody Wanted to Take Us In: Lizzy Ratner in The Nation and on Democracy Now

Nobody Wanted to Take Us In Lizzy Ratner was interviewed by Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh on Democracy Now! today about her beautifully written and powerful piece, Nobody Wanted to Take Us In: The Story of Jared Kushner’s Family, and Mine in The Nation where she is a Senior Editor. The piece begins: In my aunt’s house, in the bedroom…

We are AWAKE

Your mothers, your grandmothers, are stirring.

Our ghosts cannot not sleep forever.