Ducks on Div (plus some Jayden… and Susan, too.)

I’m genuinely curious why people think Law Enforcement would have any interest in talking with Divine at this point, let alone his new girlfriend?

Law enforcement has told us multiple times that, as far as they’re concerned, Div has nothing to do with anything and was cleared.

Let’s look at Divine Compere

• Law enforcement saw the full, unedited footage of the Compere’s CCTV back in Feb. 2017 and witnessed Elaine getting into her car and driving away. Then they screwed up the video and truncated it, which has been used to point the finger at the Comperes ever since. LE was given this footage without a warrant.

• The plate cam was an hour off due to never being adjusted for Daylight Saving Time, so there is no suspicious gap between Elaine leaving DC’s and leaving the gated community.

The boyfriend has actually been the most cooperative in the investigation,” Sgt. Williams said. “We can see she left on her own and he stayed at his residence that night.”

• The Compere’s allowed law enforcement onto their property without a warrant. To be fair, this was a casual search and they didn’t go up to the main house but the Comperes could have easily stopped any search from happening, but instead Div made statements and they cooperated with LE.

I have to wonder how Div would have answered when asked:

  1. Would Elaine ever run away?
  2. Would Elaine consider suicide?
  3. Were there problems at home?

Before she was openly accusing the Comperes of an elaborate coverup, Susan was saying things like, “Home life had been difficult in the years since her parents divorced, the mother acknowledged, and Elaine suffered from bouts of depression.” and “Park was enrolled at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, but had stopped attending classes this semester, and had also been laid off from her job at a restaurant, her mother said.” We also get tidbits like this early on: “Park said her daughter experimented with drugs in the past, and she learned this after reading Elaine’s old text messages. It’s unclear if drugs were involved before she disappeared.” These sorts of things are mixed with appeals for Elaine to come home so they can repair their relationship. So, if that’s what the mom is saying to the media, is Div being candid behind the scenes and letting LE know that Elaine and her mom fought all the time, that Elaine was depressed and had a lot on her plate?

• Susan (and by extension, LE) had full access to Elaine’s social media accounts once her laptop and phone were found. They would have been able to go through and see any problematic interactions between DC and Elaine.

• Susan and LE had access to Elaine’s iMessage history up until about 24 hours before she disappears. Susan has since violated Elaine & Div’s privacy and released these messages and while drugs are involved, all we see is kindness between the couple.

• The Uber driver describes Elaine and Div as being loving and affectionate while in his car. No arguing, no drama, just some happy kids out on a date.

Jayden gets stuff wrong… and more

• While Jayden pretends in Ep. 2 of the podcast that they’ve got all this evidence LE is going to move on and is super hot about as far as Div goes, it turns out that’s all bullshit. It only takes a cursory glance at the screenshots of Elaine’s deleted tweets to debunk the idea that she was going to press charges in her rape case, which in turn discredits the claims made that she was “confronting” Div about this so he could back her up. None of it is true. Seems to be a recurring theme when you look beyond the truncated video “evidence” that is the lynchpin of the Divine Compere accusations.

• We’ve learned that LE actually unlocked Elaine’s phone a year+ ago, which means they also have access to messages sent within that crucial period. And that in turn means if there was any activity or indication via the device that Div had done or said something or been involved in any way that they could look into it. Instead, they’re keeping Susan in the dark. For all we know, LE saw all sorts of activity on Elaine’s unlocked phone after she left Div’s.

• Sure sounds like Neil & Co scored an interview with Div back in 2017 so maybe they’ve learned a lot more about Elaine’s mindset the day she went missing.

• It’s been years now and despite what Susan might post on Facebook, it sure seems like the tips that have come in have been followed up on. Go figure, the overwhelming majority of them are about Div because that’s the narrative that’s been put into the public realm for years now. Each time a Divine Compere tip is followed up on, it turns out to be a nothing burger.

  • There have been multiple versions of rewards and the $250K cash doubles to $500K in Sept. of 2017, and yet nothing has come of it, almost like all the stories about fights the night before and Tupac’s friend driving Elaine’s car and crematoriums and road trips to Utah with a body are complete and utter bullshit.
  • Any of Div’s ex-girlfriends or shifty drug connects or friends or acquaintances could have anonymously dimed him out at any point by now and gotten paid, but nothing.

Why do you want the cops to keep talking to Div? And why in the world are you bringing his girlfriend into it?

  • Unless Div’s current girlfriend comes forward and tells law enforcement that Div confessed or mentioned something about Elaine that was worrisome, they have no reason to talk to him or her. Every time they’ve gone to that well, it has been bone dry.
  • Also, I didn’t even touch on the fact that if the Comperes wanted to or thought they needed to, they could have cut Susan a fat check and I guarantee she’d have started talking suicide or sex trafficking again and no more mentions of Div.
  • Per Elaine’s own friends,1 she trusted Div enough to talk about her sexual assault with him — Div knew before Sadie or Daisy. Elaine described him as the only person to have shown her value. I bet she talked to him about other shit in her life, too. You think he doesn’t know what kind of mom Susan is?
    • Which means the Comperes also would have had enough legit dirt to either start a smear campaign against Susan or maybe even threaten her. Instead? They cooperate with law enforcement and then stay quiet and out of it.
  1. And all the texts we’ve seen released.

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