Jeanine Pirro vs. Whoopie Goldberg: a drama in three acts

Clips from “THE VIEW”/ABC and “FOX AND FRIENDS”/FNC (Fair Use)

*I’ve decided to add my opinion, which is I think Jeanine Pirro was primarily mad because when Whoopie Goldberg had finally had enough – (and to be clear, for the two segments before I pick it up Jeanine Pirro was incredibly hostile with almost no pushback) – the audience immediately took Whoopie’s side, cheering loudly when she spoke so forcefully about what she didn’t like about Trump. I think it embarrassed Pirro and that that’s what made her so angry.

Entertainment for Armageddon: “What do you mean Trump and Putin are meeting again?”

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

What do you mean Trump and Putin are meeting again?

“He’s either compromised by Putin or he’s a pussy, in which case he should grab himself.”

Secret Agent Man: was Rick Gates wearing a wire between February 2nd and February 23rd?

Secret Agent Man: was Rick Gates wearing a wire between February 2nd and February 23rd?

Rick Gates plea agreement states:

“The defendant agrees to… participate in undercover activities pursuant to the specific instructions of law enforcement agents…”


“The defendant agrees not to reveal his cooperation, or any information derived therefrom, to any third party without prior consent of the Office.”

And so the question becomes, what use is a Secret Agent Man who’s not a secret?

Once you announce it, it’s kind of worthless.

That’s, like, Blowing Cover 101.

So the only other option, as far as I can tell, is that Richard Gates III, was “participating in undercover activities.”

Past tense.

But when, you ask?


The lie to the F.B.I. that Gates pled guilty to occurred on February 1st. And any agreement “not to reveal his cooperation, or any information derived therefrom,” seems fairly useless at the time it’s being revealed to the world.

That would mean that some or all of the time between February 2nd and February 23rd, the date this plea was entered, Gates was interacting with Manafort while technically working for the government.

During that time Gates’ cut off the Joint Defense Agreement, so their lawyers weren’t sharing information. It would have, therefore, been ethical.

And given how much federal law enforcement loves surveillance and technology it is inconceivable to me that they didn’t mic him up at least once.

We’ll soon know.

Let the Mueller Show commence!

I am working on three things:

1. Novartis got bookoo stuff for their money. Tons and tons. I easily show this and ask the question: if Novartis received benefits from the money they paid Michael Cohen, is it possible that Trump didn’t get a cut? Because I don’t see Trump doing favors for free.

2. The link between Scott Pruitt and Michael Cohen: Pasquale Perotta

3. Did Rick Gates wear a wire? Almost certainly, as I show in a court filing. Also, a bonus reminder that what Gates lied to Mueller about was meeting with Rohrabacher.