Entertainment for Armageddon: Trump’s racist NFL bullshit inspires Stephen Colbert’s greatest monologue

like Stephen as Stephen, but until now, I didn’t love him like I did on Colbert Report, but in this monologue he makes up all that lost ground, and more in the most succinct, pointed, funny, and patriotic commentary I’ve seen thus far on Trump’s despicable, ignorant, racist, NFL/National Anthem bullshit.

Entertainment for Armageddon: Jon Snow fights Whites, Sessions fights blacks, and “[Nuclear] Winter is coming”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to purge the scourge of racism from our higher institutions of higher learning.

Why? “If American colleges were any whiter Jon Snow would build a wall to protect us from them.”

Yeah, I know, it’s neither North Korea, Russia, or even nuclear.


Therefore we give you Trump’s North Korea bluster via @serafinowicz

“Sassy” Version

The Secret to Happy Russians

“Американские СМИ раздули скандал из-за фотографий встречи Лаврова и Трампа
Россия и США сделали шаг к снятию напряженности — так в Москве и в Вашингтоне оценивают итоги переговоров Сергея Лаврова с американским президентом и госсекретарем. Обсуждалось создание зон безопасности в Сирии и подготовка встречи Владимира Путина и Дональда Трампа в июле на саммите G20.”

They are having way too much fun with this. They keep putting “Yankees” higher and higher in the stories. [США]

Nice comparison of Merkel/Trump v. Lavrov/Trump:

in any language

You don’t need to know a syllable of Russian to get this “report.” I’ve never seen Russians this expressive.