Eleven Nation Army

@mutehornsection —

From the second I first saw the Stranger Things opening sequence I thought of the Seven Nation Army video. To me the ST op seq seemed like a blatant nod — (or a blatant rip-off) — of the White Stripes video and wondered if I was right about how similar they are.

In trying to compare them I took the opportunity to put together a little hastily made promo for you, because it’s way past time for you to watch it, but your extreme anti-spoiler mindset left me vastly disarmed in my ability to use cool clips.

Regardless, the main question remains: how does the 7NA video & ST opening sequence compare? Is it just me?

You decide.

*I realized it might actually be difficult to tell them apart – or that you might not even be familiar with the 7NA video – so for your assistance:

Here’s the money shot of the Stranger Things Opening Sequence, twice as fast as its normal speed & with the last few seconds chopped off.And a short (fair use) opening clip of the 7NA vid:And then my quickly made comparison vid turned sorta-promo, which I’m calling Eleven Nation Army, because our hero’s name is 11, (due to the tattoo on her inner wrist.) And so…

Eleven Nation Army

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