Eleven Nation Army

@mutehornsection —

From the second I first saw the ST opening sequence I thought of the brilliant Seven Nation Army video & wondered if I was right about how similar they were.

In deciding to compare them I found myself also putting together a little, hastily made promo for you; vastly disarming myself in my ability to use cool clips because of your extreme anti-spoiler mindset.

But the main question remains: how do the 7NA video & ST opening sequence compare? Was it just me?

You decide.

(I realized it might actually be difficult to tell them apart, so for your assistance, here’s the money shot of the ST Op Seq, twice as fast as its normal speed & with the last few seconds chopped off.)

And here’s my quickly made comparison vid turned sorta-promo, which I’m calling Eleven Nation Army, because our hero’s name is 11, due to the tattoo on her inner wrist.

And now… Eleven Nation Army

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