End points: banks ≈︎ foreclosure

The effect of masses of gainfully employed people being forced from their homes due to a global, viral, pandemic would be something unknown and so destabilizing that its effects – long term and short term – are simply immeasurable.

What’s really up with CDC COVID-19 testing

Kate Greenaway illustrated Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, and her “Ring Around the Rosie” – and my mother’s creepy, captivating, great-storyteller tale of what lay behind it – made me permanently hooked on plagues. Plus, I have a very weird but very real feel for pathogens. Always have.

What Makes Wuhan a Catastrophe?

A catastrophe is when a death log that took a hospital months to fill completely now takes several days; catastrophe is when a car taking bodies to a crematorium carries away body bags instead of one body at a time in a coffin. Catastrophe isn’t one person dying in your family, but an entire family perishing within a few days