Yes, the best thing on Twitter right now is a TicToc

This is Krissychula and yeah, she’s good. All of her stuff is good. And yes, does link to because Elizabeth Warren is awesome and has a sense of humor.

Entertainment for Armageddon; Date: 03/04/17 – Event: Trump tweets about wiretapping

Date: 03 March 2017 Event: Trump tweets that Obama ordered a “tapp” on his phone Conclusion: Wait, you mean Trump thinks the election process is “very sacred?” NIGHTMARES In cooperation with Boeing, Northrup Grummond, Pat Robertson, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Halliburton,  ExxonMobile, Nabisco, Monsanto, Devon Energy and Satan Present Entertainment for Armageddon 03/04/17 SNL to the rescue Jeff Sessions…


“We’ve come to a dangerous place.”                                               ~Tyrion Lannister