Coursera, I’m not in the mood

Coursera, you’re getting it wrong. Never take anything I do having to do with plague obsessing as a hint of what should come next. And I simply don’t have time for semiconductors. At least not right now. I’m quite busy.Optical engineering will never happen. I may be forced into that Global Health thing but I’m…

MOOC Mania – Embedded Systems

I’m really excited and nervous about this class. (It’s always important to keep in mind that most professors are not necessarily naturals in front of a camera, especially in “intro” videos.) Yeah, yeah, Michael Sandel is definitely the exception. Noted. Back to business? Enough rockstar professor. Back to business. — Embedded Systems awesomeness —  …

MIT – Greatest Hits

Kick it up a notch? Intro to Solid State Chemistry – MIT 3.091 (When MIT makes statements like “introductory level” I don’t think they have a normal concept of the term. Nonetheless, no harm, no foul. And one of their very best courses with one of the very best professors, Prof. Grossman, is also one…

MOOC Mania

  I have become a certified MOOC freak. There are several different platforms for MOOCS – Massive Open Online Courses – such as edX and Coursera, and happily many others are available on YouTube. (Many are available through those platforms as well as on YouTube.) I prefer the edX platform if I use one. I…

“Well, you’re looking at the wrong guy” Bacevich on the Middle East

A. (Andrew Bacevich): “US policy was both contradictory and incoherent… worse still, they put that ignorance on display for friend and foe alike to contemplate. The US looked both stupid and untrustworthy.”
Q. (Mark Kukis): “I need cheering up.”
A. (Bacevich): “Well, you’re looking at the wrong guy.”

Foner Funny – Prof Foner on Delaware – more random musing

༺ Dr. Foner’s accidental funny: ٠Delaware Couldn’t Secede٠ Version (Civil War and Reconstruction I) ༻
“So, here it’s really martial law, almost, which is holding, which is getting, making sure that Maryland stays in the Union. And of course, if Maryland stays in the Union, there’s not much chance of Delaware leaving, because Delaware is just a tiny, little place stuck over in the corner.”

“Is anybody here from Delaware?”

[Silence from class. No one is claiming Delaware.]

“I don’t mean to say anything bad about Delaware.”
[Silence solidifies.]

“I don’t really like Delaware much…”