Coursera, I’m not in the mood

Coursera, you’re getting it wrong. Never take anything I do having to do with plague obsessing as a hint of what should come next. And I simply don’t have time for semiconductors. At least not right now. I’m quite busy.Optical engineering will never happen. I may be forced into that Global Health thing but I’m dreading HarvardX’s U.S. Global Health Policy enough without adding the whole global mess, as well, especially considering how much global health policy you feed me in Epidemics, Pandemics and Outbreaks. Can’t a girl just have some Dr. John Snow mapping Cholera or plague lazarettos?

My only dark fascination comes in the face of bugs. (Microbial, not insect.)

Viruses are a nimble threat, and they always find a way in. Always. And we are standing on the precipice of pathological terror the likes of which history has never seen. Because we’re seeing bugs like we’ve never seen.

I could go into an explanation here, but unfortunately I’ve got studying to do.

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