Let’s Do the Rope-a-Dope Again

MHA day and I really needed me a little Rope-a-Dope illustration to get me in the right frame of mind. It’s a beautiful thing. I decided that I’d post a slightly fuller picture for the record; and for the many who have no idea what “rope-a-dope” is. This is Ali “losing” all but the last 7 seconds…

Ninety Years Ago Today My Father Was Born

Then turned on one toe, hopped off the huge wooden table and started off, head high, when I heard him slap the table hard with his big hand – the way everyone who knew him remembers he did in his constant, big-ness that encompassed all sight, movement, and certainly sound – and laughed his ass off.

Not my Theme Scene but now necessary: Stephen the Irishman

I would prefer just the first scene, truth be told, but I made the decision to include – because of its example of pure perfection in character definition. (Keeping in mind that several things are happening at once, but for the audience, the primary issue, although as is the case in the most intricately executed…

and he really can’t hurt me

℘ “He may win two or three rounds. Or the first five. But after the first five he will just be completely exhausted. And this is better than me jumping and dancing and running- wasting a lot of time all this moving, trying to keep from getting hit and he really can’t hurt me” ℘ “WATCH…

Do you see it?

DO YOU SEE IT? LOOK CLOSER it’s been there all along I’ve been there all along all you have to do is SEE