The journals

The real ones. The backwards ones.
I buried them.
All over.
That’s the secret.
From Yellow Gap Trail in Pisgah National Forest to Abiquiu, New Mexico, I buried my notebooks.


Instead of wanting to disappear and disappear and disappear, I want to appear, and appear, and appear; to take up all the space, all the oxygen, all the room, and all the righteousness that I have turned over to any other human being, alley-cat, tailgating car, or man who endlessly professes his dying love to…

tear down the wall

It’s amazingly catchy, once it starts and there’s nothing to interrupt it. One short, simple loop. One short, simple question.

One of my (secret) Theme Scenes

Like “Extraordinary Machine” is my theme song, I have secretly cherished one, 27 second scene from Braveheart and never ceased to see it and hear it in my mind. For what, now? How long has it been? I can answer that. It has been eleven years and eleven months. My foxholes I no longer dig…

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