A rambling, random, free-flowing audio mostly on SCOTUS – Sotomayor, Breyer, Thomas, and David C. Frederick


“You know how you know you’re in trouble with Justice Sotomayor? She says, ‘I’m confused, here.’ And she ain’t – she’s never confused.” 

Keep in mind that any audio I record like this, unless it is clearly an interview or some other specific record of an event ii is always for me and me only –the ultimate form of talking to myself – but that lack of self-editing also makes it, at times, humorous, so I figure maybe I’ll start sticking some of it up. It’s not like it’s going to get a lot of listens, but it does, however, preserve it to some extent.

In this case it’s clear I’m doing other things while I’m recording, which is common. There’s a fairly long pause at one point early on – although in such a brief snippet “early” is more relative than usual. The case I’m referring to is Universal Health Services, Inc. v United States and Massachusetts, ex rel. Julio Escobar and Carmen Correa.

I then ramble into the greatness of David C. Frederick’s arguments, Justice Breyer’s ability to go right to the heart of an issue, and cut if off after pointing to how all this added up to Justice Thomas reading an opinion from the bench. Although admittedly in a far less sensical way than expressed here. (It’s more fun via the audio, however.)

*Just one post script – it is completely nonsensical that nonsensical is a word but that sensical is not, so fuck that – just one more system to buck.)

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