There’s still so much you don’t know, and now the clock is ticking…

Hate to bother you this way, but as I was texting I had to keep cutting, because there is so much going on right now and a tiny piece of paper burning a whole in my pocket that I am anxious for you to have so that I may begin to move ahead in my Quest for Justice. (I hear “Quest for Justice” in the old, melodramatically overdone cartoon echo, so I think you should also.)


In fact, if I didn’t think it would be asking even more of you to put much of this in audio, I would do that. It’s far easier, and unlike attempting to listen to it in your office off of the crappy speakers of my digital voice recorder – hereafter DVR – it’s actually amazingly clear. I am just now beginning to fully appreciate the mic on that thing.)


including a short list of instructions I had in my pocket both Thursday and Friday on what to do in case something does happen to me. It is not a long list, and your first instinct may be to question ethical dilemmas and therapist/patient boundaries, but let me assure you that I thought about all that, and attempted in every way to structure it in such a way that it should ameliorate those concerns and not be onerously burdensome,  let alone be unethical or unprofessional. It is simply aa very short list people of to contact directing them to what I want them to know. And I chose you because you are the only person I trust not only to do this, but to do it with kindness and empathy.

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