Unclog the pipes

I don’t give a shit about cats but only the 10 seconds (where I start the video) where Ed is using his “write bad songs”/”unclog the pipes” analogy

That’s what  this blog is for me.

Now fuck off.


Ho, wait, I’m back!

(I actually went and “watched” (listened) to the “awful” singing and guitar playing of 12 year old Ed that he references in this edition of his “unclog the pipes” analogy and it is quite bad, and so fucking brave. So I’m sticking it up after the “unclog the pipes” clip, which, btw, unless you can handle lots of disgusting record promo shit, you shouldn’t bother watching past the analogy.)

But taking a listen to him at 12 is worth a bite. It will make you a braver person. (And I think it’s why all true musicians of every stripe and every fucking cool human who actually “meets” Ed Sheeran likes him so much.)

“Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.” –Goethe

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