This Is Your Stock Video On Drugs – October 14th

I have become entranced with stock video clips; the kind we all pass countless times a day online without really noticing them. Ads with just a bit of movement to catch your eye. And so of course, the market, having created a need – searchable databases of xtra short animation – will rise up to fill it. And making the videos is easy and cheap if once you’re set up to do it, so there’s very little to no incentive not to make as many random, detached animations as you can churn out, because who knows what someone might want. Right?

Children’s legs growing flowers or butterflies or something similar, a theme that happens to have become popular recently for reasons I don’t understand, actually offers a peek of just how random the vids are. Because despite legs sprouting plants seeming unusual and despite that image not being something most people would associate with buying anything, a day hardly passes where I don’t run across an advertisement with legs growing something.

This video doesn’t exist

They get a lot, lot weirder, though, which is why I have decided to grace you with one regularly. I was going to say daily, but that might be pushing it.

So for today, October 14th, 2019, I give you Fetus Swirling In Uterus Made of Magically Multiplying Neon Lights

This video doesn’t exist

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