ANOTHER MOVE: American Hustle – One of my favorite clips from one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies

“We are going to need another move, trust me. And you are going to be thanking me.”

You’ll never believe this: she’s right. On both counts.

It’s The Sting, only with smart, canny, women.

Oh, if you’re wondering about that another move, she’s got that as well. Here’s your low-res setup…

…she’s never quite the star, but this scene sets up the “another move” that saves their asses. You’re lucky to have her around.

I love her.

This video doesn’t exist

They’re all so great in this film. If you just want to watch actors acting, it’s hard to think of a better place to start.

And someone, please tell me, how is the Arabic version of White Rabbit suddenly so much better than the version we know?! (Which is pretty much perfection?)*

**set up

This video doesn’t exist

If it doesn’t work the edit is here.

Dunno, but it is at this moment.

And yes, the soundtrack is the best thing about this movie.

You’re welcome.

(And, yes. “Edith” is still holding everything together. Still.)

If you only like guys, Irving is still the star, but sorry… without Edith/Sydney he’s about to get whacked.

Just watch the movie.

*had to splice two sections together here & it’s unavoidably messy.

As anyone who knows me will know I love this movie, first and foremost, because of great screenwriting. Great screenwriting through great acting.

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