To Live and Die in LA: Susan Park’s timeline from Episode 6, “Broken Home”

Here’s the timeline given by Susan Park about her last interactions with Elaine. Below that I’ve expanded it to add Susan’s descriptions

“It came to a point where I asked, ‘Can you take Elaine, please? If we live together, one of us is going to get hurt…'”

NOTE – the entire, detailed, expanded timeline is here: THE ULTIMATE TIMELINE

First, just the times.

Thurs. January 26, 2017 —

  • 3:30AM: Elaine runs out of gas and calls Susan who goes to meet her, jump her car, and get her gas.
  • 10:00AM: Susan says Elaine was sitting around in skimpy underwear, then she and her boyfriend, Jeff, leave.
  • Later: Susan and Jeff return. Elaine is in her room.

— Friday, January 27, 2017 —

  • Morning: Susan texts Elaine $20 with QuickPay, Elaine says she’ll pay it back by 6:00PM
  • 7:00PM: Susan texts Elaine to see why she hasn’t paid her back the $20.
  • 9:00PM: Elaine replies to Susan’s text from two hours earlier, texting: “Give me until later tonight.”

— Saturday, January 28, 2017 —

  • 10:41AM: Susan texts Elaine “a reminder.” When she doesn’t receive a response she calls, says Elaine’s phone goes to voicemail after two rings. Then Susan texts again accusing Elaine of not keeping her word about the money.
  • Morning: After not hearing back and the phone going straight to voicemail, Susan checks in Elaine’s room, says Elaine’s bag was gone & all her makeup was gone. Susan says she emails and “Facebooks” Elaine.

— Sunday, January 29, 2017 —

  • No time mentioned: Despite saying she believes that Elaine packed to stay away, Susan tells her friend — presumably Jeff — that she wants to file a missing person’s report because she says Elaine would have paid her back the $20.

[February 1, 2017] —

  • The whiteboard note is dated February 1:
Elaine, as soon as you decide to come home and you are home, please let me know at your earliest. I am sooooo worried.
I do love you,

— February 2, 2017 —

  • Elaine’s car is found abandoned on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway

Susan’s expanded and detailed account of her last interaction with her daughter, Elaine

Thursday, January 26, 2017; 3:30AM

Neil Strauss/VO: I asked Susan about the last time she saw Elaine. She launched into a sort of back story about Elaine’s car problems.

Neil Strauss: But what was that, the last time you saw her, that last interaction with her?

Susan Park: It wasn’t really an interaction. On Thursday the 26th, January 26th, Thursday, 3:30 in the morning I get a call:

‘I’m out of gas. Can you come pick me up?’

‘Where are you?’ She pings me the location, so I went there. The car battery died on top of no gas, the middle of the bridge on 118 Freeway. We jumped the car, we got a two-gallon gas, emergency gas, everything okay, we came home.

Thursday, January 26, 2017; Around 10:00AM

Susan Park: That morning, Thursday morning at 10 o’clock, um, I saw her in the living room with her little skimpy lingerie, you know, in the living room resting. And my friend and I, he was helping me doing some house project, and when we walked in she hurry up and jumped in– hide to the dining room area. And we had to go through the back gate. And then when we come back she went into her room. So that’s last time I saw her.

Susan Park: So, I wouldn’t know what happened that night. Everything just happened without me being aware… Oh, we didn’t– we don’t talk. She lives her own life, I live my own life in the same roof. She doesn’t tell me where she goes. Whenever I ask, ‘it’s none of your business.’ She has this terrible attitude. I learned to accept leaving her alone. Or else we’ll fight all the time.

Well, actually…

Friday, January 27; morning

Susan Park: So, actually, we did text Friday morning. So I send her $20 and then I said:

‘When do you think your dad’s going to give you spending money?’

-‘Um, I think around 6 o’clock. I’ll give it to you at 6 o’clock.

Friday. Jan. 27; 6:00-7:00PM

Susan Park: So, 6 o’clock comes, 7 o’clock comes, she doesn’t — she’s pretty good about, her, because I trained her to be good about it, she’s pretty good about it — and she knows she needs to pay me back. So, at 7 o’clock she doesn’t– I text her as a reminder. She doesn’t call me back, or reply.

Friday, Jan. 27; 9:00PM

Susan Park: Then two hours later she texts me back — that was on Friday the 27th at 9 o’clock or something — she texts me back:

‘Give me until later tonight.’

Those were her exact words. So I said ‘okay.’

Saturday, Jan. 28; 10:41AM

Susan Park: Then Saturday at 10:41 — she didn’t come home that I was — I remember I stayed home that night, she didn’t come home the next morning. Oh wait, was I home? I don’t remember.

SP: But, 10:40 I text her as a reminder. She didn’t reply back. So I called her, and it rang twice, then it shut to directly to voice message. Then ever since, the phone wasn’t working. And it was off constantly. And then I said, um, ‘That’s strange,’ you know? So, I kind of sent her, ‘[nagging sounds]’ you know,

‘Why didn’t you keep your word, da da da.’

Um, but still she didn’t reply back. She would normally would. So oh, something is wrong, what’s going on? So, I immediately went to her room and see if there was anything’s missing, or she packed or went somewhere and I looked and her baby blue bag was missing, all her makeup was missing. Um, and it looked like she planned to go somewhere for a few days. So I’m thinking, ‘oh, maybe she’s just when–‘ She does that, few times. Goes off without telling me, two or three days and, come, appears. So I thought it would be the same situation. But because she didn’t reply back on the money she was supposed to pay me back, that was a trigger right then and there. And I’m thinking, ‘something is not right. Why is her phone off?’

So, I emailed her, I Facebook her, um, and then she still didn’t reply back.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Susan Park: So Sunday comes and I’m saying to my friend, you know, ‘Something is wrong. You know, I want to do a missing person’s report.’ Um, and that’s how everything started.



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