To Live and Die in LA: audio – Jayden being lazy

Jayden being Lazy

In Season 1, Episode 5: “Holy S#%T,” when Jayden calls Neil to say that Chris killed himself — this is “unconfirmed,” Jayden stresses — Neil immediately sounds like he just swallowed lightning. He’s so charged that I almost vibrated just listening to him. He wants to DO! SOMETHING! NOW! He’s practically hyperventilating: “WHO SHOULD WE CALL FIRST WE HAVE TO CALL EVERYONE NOW NO REALLY RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW NOW NOW “ while Jayden is doing his best imitation of a cross between a sloth and the “Just Take a Breath, Son” parent.

Jayden: “Well, there’s nothing we can do. I talked to my cop buddy and I’ve called everyone I can call…” So Jayden is doing his best to make himself important and the situation infinitely more complex than Neil, in his naive civilian-hood could ever comprehend, not to mention wholly unalterable by God or man, it culminates in what may be some record-breaking, top tier, super-duper-Jayden-level-bullshit: “In fact, we’re really waiting on the Justice Department Information Center.” Meanwhile, Neil just goes and Googles that shit and starts reading it off the fucking internet. 🤣



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