“HOW MUCH POT IS 10 lbs. of POT?” True Crime Creepers podcast asks, and I answer. (AKA: Jay Wilds lies… again)

True Crime Creepers, Kristin and Mogab ask, “JUST EXACTLY HOW MUCH POT IS 10 lbs. of POT?” And your trusty blogger, Serene, has the answer.

📦 — HINT: It’s a LOT — 📦

In the True Crime Creepers podcast summarizing the Adnan Syed case – a great episode, btw — they talk about Jay Wild’s interview with The Intercept, and about how one of his new stories is that Adnan wanted Jay to get 10 lbs. of weed:

KRISTIN WILLIAMS: There was also this whole thing– I didn’t write this down, but I feel like it’s impor- I feel like it’s important to know. He said that Adnan asked him to get 10 pounds of weed.

SAMANTHA MOGAB: [laughs] Wha- what does that even-

KRISTIN: -10 pounds of weed.

MOGAB: What does that even translate to?

KRISTIN: I don’t even know. I couldn’t even carry that. He said he got him his 10 pounds of weed, and then when he gave it to him, Adnan was like, “Now I’ve got you. Help me with this murder, or I’m going to tell on you for having 10 pounds of pot.”

MOGAB: First of all, in– do you remember how, like, Adnan’s family at the– it was so straight-laced, like, he had very strict– where was he gonna put 10 pounds of weed? You know? Like, I mean-

KRISTIN: -Oh my God.

MOGAB: -It was like there was no– I mean, like, he had, like, such a strict curfew. He was only allowed to go, like, to school, the mosque, and wherever, you kn– Remember? Like, he’s not walking around doing drug deals and then bringing it home.

KRISTIN: Well, I mean, he was out all– he would sneak out of his house and go see Hae, I mean, he was like-

MOGAB: -Sure, yeah.

KRISTIN: -a teenage boy.

MOGAB: Right, but-

KRISTIN: And he would go smoke pot with his friends, but he wasn’t like– nobody needs 10 pounds of pot unless you’re tryin’ to sell it.

MOGAB: Right. 10 pounds. Yeah, like, he’d go have a joint or something, but-

KRISTIN: And again, I’m like, “Okay, Jay, the self-proclaimed ‘criminal element of Woodlawn,’ if somebody says, ‘Help me bury a body or I’m going to tell on you for this 10 pounds of weed that you just gave me,’ you say, ‘Okay, well I got you with a dead body and a 10 pound thing of weed,’ and then go about your day.”

It just so happens that I actually know how much weed 10 lbs. of weed is, and it’s easily visualizable, so I emailed them to tell them, because it’s actually quite a bit. 📦 📦

On Thu, Jul 1, 2021 at 9:39 PM

serene <serene[at]xyz.com> wrote:

I just listened to the podcast for the first time. I don’t know why, but I was looking around for a single episode about Adnan Syed’s case that was fairly recent. (I pretty much only listen to serialized pods, but friends have been pushing me to listen to some CT podcasts that cover a lot of different cases, so I decided to start by looking for podcasts about Adnan.) There were a lot, and shockingly, for one reason or another, I was either disappointed with or outright hated them all. I was about to give up in frustration but decided to take one more swing at it, and… yeah. I like y’all a lot.

Anyway, I’m sending this weird email because I know you’ll be interested in my random knowledge: how much pot is 10 lbs of pot?

I just happen to possess this information because my one time boyfriend’s family ran something like a marijuana dynasty in North Carolina. (I shit you not.) Anyway, the only part I saw up close was the lowest level distribution they tangentially dealt with: 5 lbs at a time. (Known with them as “take a box.”) Anyway, 5 lbs comes in a 16x16x12 box — like the photo — each pound in tightly compressed bricks and shrink wrapped. The five 1 lb bricks fit so tightly in the box that if you’re like me and new, and are trying to carefully unwedge a brick from the box, people will either laugh at you or yell at you, because that’s not how you do it. You’re supposed to break the box apart so you don’t tear the shrink wrap.

Yes, I wrote all this on one totally extraneous Jay lie out of a gazillion Jay lies, but I did it so you could picture Adnan — who made sure there were no girl hairs in his car that his parents might find — trying to sneak two big, incredibly fragrant packing boxes full of weed past his parents.📦📦

You know, Jay’s lies would be genuinely funny if they hadn’t sent someone to prison.

Great show, and definitely the best Adnan wrap-up!


And then, to be honest, I forgot all about it. But then on Thursday, I got this reply:

On Thurs. September 2, 2021 at 9:06 AM Kristin from True Crime Creepers <creeperspod-[at]-gmail.com> wrote:

This is the greatest email we have received to date and I’m so mad I’m just now seeing it! It got lost in the shuffle lol.

First off – that is WAY more pot than I thought. I was thinking like a brick size, maybe a couple, and honestly this new information has just solidified the fact that Jay is a pathological liar. Sometimes I start to waiver. I think about Jen Pusateri and how her story semi-lined up with Jay’s. But now every time I start to think that way, I’m going to remember that 10 lbs of pot is 2 large boxes and feel reassured that he’s definitely a liar liar.

Second – thank you so much for your email! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the episode!

Kristin and Mogab

I’m proud to be responsible for “the greatest email they have received to date,” but also, I just thought you, too, might like to know how much 10 lbs. of pot was.

So, you’re welcome. 😏


Podcast website: TrueCrimeCreepers

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