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Last update: JUNE 21, 2022

— 11:28 —

Ramos crashes vehicle into ditch

— 11:29 —

  • 2 males from funeral home run toward crash
  • Teacher calls 911 and reports man with a gun

— 11:31 —

  • Ramos shoots 3 rounds at the males from funeral home. Misses. They run back to the funeral home.
  • Ramos begins shooting into the classrooms from the WEST side of the school. (27 rounds.)
  • Patrol car accelerates into school parking lot, drives past Ramos toward a teacher he thought was the shooter.

— 11:32 —

  • Multiple shots fired by Ramos while outside the school, into/toward the school

— 11:33 —

  • Ramos enters school through WEST door
  • Ramos begins shooting into classroom 111-112 from hallway
  • 100+ rounds are fired over the next three minutes
  • Ramos enters, then exits, then re-enters rooms 111-112

— 11:35 —

  • 3 Uvalde PD officers with 2 rifles enter through WEST door

— 11:36 —

  • 4 police officers, including CHIEF ARREDONDO, enter through SOUTH door:
    • (2) UCISD (school district police) officers, including Chief ARREDONDO
    • (2) Uvalde PD officers


  • 4 more officers enter through WEST door
    • (3) Uvalde PD officers
    • (1) UCISD officer
  • if you’re keeping count, that’s 11 officers and at least 2 rifles

— 11:37 —

  • Suspect gunfire from inside the classroom through the door (11 rounds fired)
    • Some shrapnel from door hits officers

— 11:38 —

Unknown officer:

“He’s contained in this office.”

— 11:40:23 —

  • ARREDONDO calls Uvalde PD landline:



“Hey, hey. Can you hear me? I’d like to tell you where we’re at. It’s an emergency right now. He’s inside the building and this man has an AR-15. He’s shot a whole bunch of times. We’re inside the building, he’s in one room. I need a lot of firepower. We need this building surrounded. Surrounded with as many AR-15s as possible. Can you hear me? Can you hear me?”


“What room number?”


“Is the teacher with them? Is the teacher with them? Is she in the room that he’s in? Can you hear him? Ma’am? Ma’am?”


“I’m right here.”


“Ma’am, is the teacher with them in this classroom?”


“He’s in another classroom, she’s in room 102.”

“Another person possible shot across from her.”

*(It was actually room 112, not 102.)


“Okay. We have him in the room. He’s got an AR-15. He’s shot a lot. He’s in the room, he hasn’t come out yet. We’re surrounded but I don’t have a radio with me.

Please let all units know he’s gonna be in a room.

He’s in 111 or 112 and we’re in here. I’m in the hallway. Sergeant [REDACTED] and Sergeant [REDACTED] are here, but we need this place surrounded, and if you have SWAT I need them to set up on the South side of the building which is the building nearest the funeral home.”




“Yes. And they need to be outside the building prepared, because we don’t have enough firepower right now. It’s all pistols and he has an AR-15. If you can get the SWAT teams set up by the funeral home- okay and we need- yes, I need some more firepower in here because we all have pistols and this guy’s got a rifle. So I don’t have a radio. I don’t have a radio. If somebody can come in.”


Please stay on the line.


“I am, but I’m gonna drop it when he comes out of that door. Alright. So- so I need you to bring a radio for me, and give me my radio for me. I need to get one rifle. Hold on.

I’m trying to set him- I’m trying to set him up right now.

Okay, do me a favor. Call me when SWAT is set up. I’m gonna have you on vibrate though, call me twice if you have to, okay? Alright, thank you.”


— 11:41 —

  • Gunfire (One round)

Uvalde PD:

“We believe that he is barricaded in one of the offices. There’s still shooting.”


“Is the door locked?”

Uvalde PD:

“I am not sure, but we have a Hooligan to break it.”

  • 4 first responders enter from EAST hallway:
    • (2) constables
    • (1) Fire Marshal
    • (1) Uvalde PD Officer

— 11:42 —

  • 3 more officers enter through EAST hallway:
    • (1) DPS Trooper
    • (2) Uvalde PD officers

— 11:44 —

  • Suspect gunfire (One round)


“Have some officers that are available get everybody back.”

— 11:48 —

  • UCISD PD Officer Ruben Ruiz, husband of a teacher, enters through WEST door:

Ruiz heard on radio:

“She says she is shot.”

— 11:50 —

Unknown officer:

“They need to get out of the hallway.”

Uvalde PD:

“Chief is in there. Chief is in charge right now. Hold on.”

— 11:51 —

  • (7) Border Patrol agents (not BORTAC) enter through WEST door
  • BORTAC en route

— 11:52 —

  • First ballistic shield arrives from the WEST door

UPD Officer:

“Units just showing up: can you help with crowd control?”

— 11:53 —

Unknown officer tells DPS agent:

“What we need right now is perimeter.”

Unidentified person:

“Are there are still kids inside?”

DPS agent:

“If there is, then they just need to go in.”

— 11:54 —

  • DPS Special Agent (SA) enters the WEST building. Is told where Ramos’ “focus” is.

DPS SA asks unknown officer:

“Are kids still in there?”

Unknown officer:

“It’s unknown at this time.”

Uvalde PD:

“He’s in classroom 111 or 112. But chief is making contact with him. No one has made contact with him.”

— 11:56 —

Unknown Officer:

“Y’all don’t know if there’s kids in there?”

DPS Agent:

“If there’s kids in there, we need to go in there.”

Unknown Officer:

“What’s that?”

DPS Agent:

“If there’s kids in there, we need to go in there.”

Unknown Officer:

“Whoever is in charge will determine that.”

PD Channel recording:

“Again, it is critical for everybody to let PD take point on this.”

— 11:58 —

Unknown officer 1 [Q]:

“Where’s the shooter?”

Unknown officer 2 [A]:

“Chief of Police is in there with him.”

DPS agent:

“It sounds like a hostage rescue situation. Sounds like a (undercover) rescue, they should probably go in.”

— 12:01 —

  • DPS agent says he wants to clear rooms.

Uvalde PD:

“Don’t you think we should have a supervisor approve that?”

DPS agent:

“He’s not my supervisor.”

— 12:03 —

  • 911 call from Chloe, student inside room 112.
    • She was the only student from 112 who was not shot and injured.
  • Second ballistic shield arrives from WEST door

— 12:04 —

  • Third ballistic shield arrives from WEST door

— 12:09 —

Uvalde PD Officer:

“Go around and get the master key to the rooms.”

— 12:10 —

  • Members of BORTAC begin arriving at school

— 12:11 —

  • ARREDONDO requests master key

— 12:14 —

  • ARREDONDO gives instructions to to have a sniper placed on the EAST roof

— 12:15 —

  • (1) BORTAC member arrives in WEST building

— 12:16 —


“I just need a key.”

— 12:17 —


“Tell them to fucking wait. No one comes in.”

— 12:20 —

  • Fourth ballistic shield arrives from WEST door

— 12:21 —

  • Suspect gunfire (four more rounds.)


“Can you go get a breaching tool? Like for a trailer house?”

— 12:23 —


“We’ve lost two kids. These walls are thin. If he starts shooting, we’re going to lose more kids. I hate to say we have to put those to the side right now.”

— 12:24 —

  • ARREDONDO attempts to communicate with Ramos again in English and Spanish.
    • McCraw: All the communications and “negotiations” between ARREDONDO and Ramos were one way:

— 12:26 —

Unknown officer:

“There’s a teacher shot in there.”

Uvalde PD:

“I know.”

— 12:27 —


“People are going to ask why we’re taking so long. We’re trying to preserve the rest of the life.”


“Do we have a team ready to go?”


“We have a team ready to go? Have at it.”

— 12:28 —


“There is a window over there obviously. The door is probably going to be locked. That is the nature of this place. I am going to get some more keys to test.”

“These master keys aren’t working here, bro. We have master keys and they’re not working.”

— 12:30 —


“OK. We’ve cleared out everything except for that room. We still have people down there just past the flag to the right. But, uh, we’re ready to breach but that door is locked.”

— 12:33 —


“I say we breach through those windows and shoot his fucking head off through the windows.”

— 12:35 —

  • Hooligan breaching tool through WEST door

— 12:38 —

  • ARREDONDO still trying to negotiate with Ramos. (In English and Spanish, again, FWIW.)

— 12:41 —


“Just so you understand, we think there are some injuries in there. And so you know what we did, we cleared off the rest of the building so we wouldn’t have any more besides what’s already in there, obviously.”

— 12:42 —


“We have a fucking problem getting into the room because it is locked. He’s got an AR-15 and he’s shooting everywhere like crazy. So, he’s stopped.”

— 12:43 —


“They gotta get that fucking door open, bro. They can’t get that door open. We need more keys or something.”



“If ya’ll are ready to do it, you do it. But you should distract him out that window.”


  • Sledge hammer arrives from EAST hallway


  • Breach. Gunfire from breach team kills Ramos.

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