Head of the Sinner’s Table

At my table we’re cussing, breaking bread, drinking wine, laughing, and proposing toasts to all the saints that got lucky and became sinners.

The journals

The real ones. The backwards ones.
I buried them.
All over.
That’s the secret.
From Yellow Gap Trail in Pisgah National Forest to Abiquiu, New Mexico, I buried my notebooks.

A sense of aloneness

And for a little while I held onto my weird bond with the dead artist. But – (shockingly) – it turns out leaning on Leonardo DaVinci for reassurance of how totally and completely not-weird I was, was a terrifically bad strategy. And before long the instinctive childlike kinship I initially felt with Leonardo was a source of confusion and something almost approaching self-scolding in and of itself.
 Because only DaVinci is DaVinci.

The Science of Retractions

” …my point is that, at least to the best of my recollection, I don’t recall seeing a retraction of a study published in a well-regarded, peer reviewed, scientific journal. Hence, not much retraction action.
Until now.
And now that I’ve seen this odd creature in the wild, I want more —
because it is AWESOME.”