Okay, a freaking cute dog video.

the best dog ever. he couldve kept that lamp on that chippendale table but not her
Skutch – it means something like “Little Shit” in NY Italian slang

(P.S. At the end is the vlogbrothers Willy intro vid which is pretty vlogbrothers-like in awesome geekiness.)


This is, objectively, the best thing of all time on YouTube. (And yes, I’m completely biased because I had a stupid little shit Westie and they are freaks with sound. They are said to “vocalize” more than any breed, and that doesn’t mean annoyingly yipping; they noises they make are so varied and broad and fun. And they also turn their heads in a million ways when they hear noises).

This little dog – from this very old vlogbrothers video – doesn’t have the odd little ear frizz that will always grow on a Westie’s ears – no matter how well you keep them groomed – that end up sticking up like antennae, but nonetheless, “Willy” shows all the reasons why I have never gotten another dog.

The way they turn their head at every sound is so expressive. And they will never stop doing it. It’s like their head is a tuning fork that must turn a different angle for every different sound, and it’s irresistible.

(They’re also wicked smart. Wicked smart, wicked cute, and they are ratters. So they are very much dog, but also very cat-like in some ways. They are, to me, the best mix of both.)

I don’t know if you’re dead or alive, Skutch, but you were the biggest, best dork dog I ever had to put up with. I loved every minute of it.

In case you can’t be bothered with “whole thing” –

“He just almost did the Exorcist thing, for God’s sake! I thought his head was going to spin around his neck!”

The whole thing:

This is Willy’s awesome introduction – very vlogbrothers funniesh.

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