#WheresMitch – AOC – #fightlikeagirl

This video doesn’t exist
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez working it and Lawrence O’Donnell loving it.

Between Speaker Pelosi’s State of the Union snub and freshman Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez on the hunt for Senate Majority Leader in-hiding Mitch McConnell I’d say Trump is learning the hard way what it means to fight like a girl. Or at least what it means to have your ass handed to you by them. So run and hide some more.

Trump is so screwed.

And few will weep to see McConnell go down with that ship; after all, he anchored himself to it knowingly.

(But be careful, Mitch, we all know what Trump does to pussies.)

(Lawrence O’Donnell’s amusement at it all brought to you by MSNBC; fair use credit)

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