#WheresMitch – AOC – #fightlikeagirl

Between Speaker Pelosi’s State of the Union snub and freshman Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez on the hunt for Senate Majority Leader in-hiding Mitch McConnell I’d say Trump is learning the hard way what it means to fight like a girl. Or at least what it means to have your ass handed to you by them.

I am quoting Paine: Cloud Eater alert

I’m quoting Paine. If history is any guide that’s a sign. Paine was my first radical love. He’s buried fathoms deep, and only claws his way back to the surface in rare instances. #flammable

I don’t love Pelosi but she did just totally own Trump

I have always believed that JFK could never have passed any significant Civil Rights legislation. LBJ was, perhaps, the only human in American politics at that time who could have. Despite all the backroom trading and arm-twisting, he managed to pass The Civil Rights Act and The Voting Rights Act. He was impure, but effective.

Reason 1 to do this thing

Reason 1 to do this thing: Tolanda Elizabeth. I really miss that African Queen. She was the absolute best. She told me I couldn’t just talk to everyone in the hood so she took me downtown to the shelter where a woman had just been tased to death in front of a huge crowd and…