How to get unparalyzed: Find a PACMAN. Lay on the ground. Dance.

I was paralyzed…

The fact that so much occurs close to the ground was vital, since having a paralyzed arm – even as nerve endings began their random, pulsating journey back to life – meant I was always off balance. I fell all the time anyway, so adding dance was a ridiculous thought. But because PAC’s dance stays so close to the ground it gave me confidence. It meant I never needed a net. And because I was able to begin dancing, a little at a time, surprisingly, what began as a few tingles in a few nerves kept getting better. You must understand, this was never supposed to happen.

Phillip Chbeeb is an amazing dancer whose Bone Breaking – (dance style) – is pretty much perfection.

More importantly, it made me want to dance. Despite my arm not working.

Not that long ago I became paralyzed. My right arm, at least. It was supposed to stay that way forever, but began, slowly, to come back online, and as it did dance saved me.


This dancer, and his very specific style, saved me.

I can’t emphasize enough the impact Pacman had in changing the course of my entire life.

The fact that I can use my right arm almost as well as most people, instead of not at all, is because I was able to use this dancer – combined with the skill I had prior to this injury – as an extremely advanced physical therapy.

This video doesn’t exist

I could do what I could do as I could do it. Dance saved me. But Pacman provided the, shall we say, bite sized moves, to move forward.

Phillip Chbeeb is also a dancer from Houston. You can see some of his moves come into being in the PIP, played out to perfection in “Don’t”.

Ed Sheeran’s DON’T

Movement by Pacman

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