Reason 1 to do this thing

Reason 1 to do this thing: Tolanda Elizabeth.

  • I really miss that African Queen. She was the absolute best. She told me I couldn’t just talk to everyone in the hood so she took me downtown to the shelter where a woman had just been tased to death in front of a huge crowd and I got a cop to talk to me on tape.
  • Tolanda who got me stoned in the ghetto and when I worried, “But I’ll talk” — replied:
  • “No. You’ll write.”

  • I really miss her and if I kick up enough noise I’ll find her. Now, I understand that many of you doubt my ability to kick up noise, but that’s because you’ve never seen it done, again and again and again. It is not in your DNA. It is not part of your reality. But in mine it’s not even something that’s difficult. The more difficult trick for me is not to kick up noise.
  • And Tolanda Elizabeth is reason 1 for why it’s worth it. Brandy N is reason 1.5.
  • Shit, the Cohen filing just dropped.
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