How to maximize your war machine*

Start, please, by understanding that the war machine really is a mammoth, greedy, gluttonous monster whose primary objective is always getting fed, and getting fed more.

Everything else comes after that.

And the Pentagon has learned some basic lessons on how to be able to wage war without the annoyances brought on by public opinion.


Two big dots on the horizon, please and thank you.

 Vietnam  → “War on Terror” 

  • Vietnam – a fucking mess

    • (Lesson: Volunteer Military, no damn draft.)
    • (Lesson: You don’t want actual news coming out.)

Both of these are symbiotic. And everything before and since, a million moving pieces only point one way. Detail folds in upon detail to form an HD mosaic. There is no puzzle once one looks. There are no deductions needed. But the world is vast and deep and we are flooded with input, so that even those who spend a lifetime studying cannot take it all in, let alone even know what information is needs to be taken in.

We see fragmented sections, and if that is not by design, it must entail one extraordinary flood of coincidences.

  • War on Terror: there is no “we” in “war”

  • compartmentalization:
    • Lesson: Except where absolutely necessary never ever let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. In fact, chop off every hand you can and move as rapidly as possible to eliminate hands attached to humans altogether.

Humanity is the death of war.

Can’t have that.

*(A quick cut from an old post because it’s relevant again.)

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