What do you do with the leftovers of your mental wind-downs? 🎨 well, if you’ve got a blog…

And so what does one do when, at the end of that senseless state of reasonless wandering, one is left with some thing, some tangible tidbit – like a cheap souvenir from a place you never wanted to go? What do you do with that thing?


Then came the wave: MATTIS RESIGNS

How We Play Chess: version Well, We Had Really Better Be Getting On With It, Then

Now, back to the focus. Which is not the queen, not at first, not yet. She is not in space. She is on a board and there is not a single square she can not occupy. So we know all that. That’s cursory for now.

The Strait You’ve Never Heard Of

“The Red Sea, with the Suez Canal in the north and the Bab el-Mandeb in the south, is one of the most vital sea lines of communication and a critical … Continue reading The Strait You’ve Never Heard Of