Ahmaud Arbery – 911 dispatcher to alleged murderer: “I just need to know what he was doing wrong.” AUDIO/(video with transcript) -911 CALLS-

There’s more to put up tomorrow, but here’s the 911 calls. The first call is from Travis McMichael – the shooter of Arbery charged with his murder alongside his father Gregory McMichael – and it’s got a real George Zimmerman feel to it.

The next call is from the man in the back of the truck, the father, Gregory McMichael. You can hear the gunshots in that one. Later Gregory McMichael, who worked as an investigator for the prosecutor’s office, gave a statement to the police as a “witness” where, like in the 911 call, he clearly lies. In the police report the man making the video, Gregory McMichael says William “Roddy” Bryan attempted to block Arbery when Arbery attempted to escape Travis & Gregory McMichael, and so Arbery “was unsuccessful” in escaping. Roddy Bryan is also being looked at for arrest.

911: Okay, what is he doing? • T McMichael: He’s running down the street • …911: I just need to know what he was doing wrong
Last 911 call at 1:15PM February 23, 2020 by Gregory McMichael, father of Travis who was an Investigator for the prosecutor’s office. You can hear three gunshots.

Here’s the Police incident report

The second DA to recuse himself from the case was George Barnhill, and his letter doing so is such an atrocious example of victim blaming, ignoring evidence, and pure petulance that it should disqualify him from holding any public office, let alone any within the criminal justice system.

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