The very best U.S. coronavirus timeline ever created (and still in progress)

Deeply dense in some places, thin in others – because I get to concentrating on a certain area before moving on – I am creating the timeline of all timelines.

And I will share it with you.

The very best U.S. coronavirus timeline ever created in pdf form

… and in HTML

… and DOCX.

I’ve got it in EPUB too, which I prefer, but which WordPress is being a bit of a bitch about. Either way, it’s fucking awesome, and despite me calling it “thin in places,” it’s dense as hell in the vital months of January and February, and fulsome in March as well, though ever-so-slightly less so… as of now.

There’s links, sometimes two or three per day, and the reason I know it’s so great is because despite following this unfolding disaster day-by-day, I’ve found all kinds of new articles I missed along the way, and still more waiting that I’ve just as of yet not been able to incorporate. (Things like dates that people in the private sector reached out to offer masks, etc.)

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