I noticed some strange things about that conversation w/ Kristen in Ep 3. It’s Susan who looks bad in hindsight. TLADILA

Kristen on the phone: Susan doesn’t want her to send the pictures of the Compere’s driving by to Dr. Rhonda Hampton, and tells Kristen not to tell Dr. Hampton about the texts and tweets of Elaine not wanting to punish her rapists.
Elaine tweets out about being raped and moving on, then deletes the tweets, but reconnects with Kristen after Kristen sees them.
Dr. Rhonda Hampton says the girls at the search told her about the tweets — mischaracterizing them to say they were about Elaine seeking justice for her rape — but that she didn’t know the girls’ names.

Susan Park tells Dr. Hampton the girls were Kristen and Danielle, and Susan confirms this in real time through texts with Susan as Neil and Mike speak to Kristen about it.

When I first heard this conversation I was mainly focused on Rhonda Hampton, but in hindsight, it’s Susan Park who looks really shady.

This is from Episode 3, starting at about 12:26 (but I don’t have commercials, so…)

KRISTEN: I had no conversation with her about Elaine being raped, because Susan told me not to have a conversation with her about it. So I didn’t. Nothing about Kodak Black or Divine’s friend or somebody– or Elaine trying to talk to them about it. Like never. I– asked– That story is, like, complete bullshit. Like, none of that makes sense to me at all.

‘Cause I was pulled aside with, like, just me and Susan talked about it. Like, not even anybody else. It’s weird because last search I sent those [tweets*] to Susan, and she’s like, she was like, ‘Don’t show Rhonda.’

Neil: *And which text messages is she talking about, the tweets, or different text messages?

KRISTEN: Or yeah, the tweets. The tweets, I mean. She was like, ‘Don’t show her— don’t tell her about the text messages and don’t send her those pictures of the, of the Compere’s driving by the search.’ Like, ‘Don’t send them to her– Just send them to me.’ I don’t know, it was so weird. It was like, ‘Are you–? What are you trying to do?’ I don’t want to make her sound bad because I know she’s freaking out, and– I just thought that was really weird.”

MIKE: And she didn’t want you to send the pictures of the Compere’s to you either? She just wanted–

KRISTEN: Uh, no. She just wanted me to send them to her.

MIKE: And did she give you any reason why?

KRISTEN: No, she’s like, ‘Just don’t.’

MIKE: Susan is literally texting me this right now: ‘Kristen also said Elaine went to Divine’s to confront about the rape.’

KRISTEN: But I did not say that.

MIKE: She says: ‘Not exactly sure how I heard it,’ but she’s saying that you told her–

KRISTEN: Yeah, not from me–

MIKE: Maybe she’s thinking of somebody else but, I don’t know, this is a strange thing–

NEIL: And, and, you know Susan well enough that she would not confuse you with someone else.

KRISTEN: No. Yeah, she knows me. That’s really weird that she would say that. Nothing that I know of, of it being one of Divine’s friends, or her trying to, like, bring it up to Divine. I, I– the only thing I saw was the tweets that I sent to Susan, and that’s it.

⇧︎ Link to Elaine’s deleted tweets ⇧︎


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