To Live and Die in LA: what Elaine Park wrote in her Twitter thread

the tweets of December 28, 2016

Or close enough. The words are Elaine’s, including an apparent typo in one.

(Below in text form.)

Nobody assesses things that are never brought to focus. Ladies, be sexually liberal. Embrace and love. Just put a price on it. Value yourself.

As for the rape, the people involved know damn well who they are, but I don’t fight fire with fire. I’ve forgiven so now I can move on.

I was so ashamed to be sexual in any way or express myself, but damn, I’m cute as hell and it’s time I treated myself like the queen that I am.

It was ultimately my decisions that resulted in my mistakes. I blame no one. The important part is I can finally take care of myself right.

The recent depths have realized made me come face to face with myself, and I had to accept that if I won’t stand up for myself and women, nobody else will.

I’m not making it a legal matter, because the more important weight of the situation is that I stay true to myself and find myself justice.

I understand “rape” is a word people don’t like seeing on timelines, but awareness is the first step to healing and progressing before anything.

I used alcohol as a way to numb myself, and began lowering myself to how I was that night, but I realized my mistakes don’t determine character.

It was up until this year that I realized I was losing my peace of mind, and the only way to strengthen myself is to forgive myself and shed light.

I was raped and nobody gave me closure about it, and I didn’t remember it, so I didn’t remember the pain. I just dropped it and never spoke.


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